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The Chairiot will be sold by carefully selected local mobility equipment dealers who are experienced in supporting wheelchair users. Chairiot owners will enjoy scheduled maintenance and repair services at their homes or work by mobile technicians.

For those who do not want to wait until a dealer is appointed in their vicinity, they will have the option to purchase a car directly from Chairiot Mobility. Repair and other support services will be delivered from either an authorized service center, or a mobile Chairiot technician.

Unprecedented freedom at an affordable price

The user simply rolls in and drives off - the rear access ramp automatically adjusts for entry from the ground or a curb. A special bracket on the wheelchair and a rugged floor catch locks the chair into the car, and a three-point seatbelt safely secures the driver.

The Chairiot solo is driven by a steering wheel and hand bar control. A digital instrument panel displays vehicle information.
A switch panel on the left side has the controls for the door, mirrors, windows and all electrical accessories in the car.

The electric Chairiot solo can drive on local streets at speeds up to 25 mph (in some states 35 mph). It is an affordable, secure and environmentally friendly solution for getting to work, school, store, pharmacy, store, entertainment and other destinations without assistance.

The Chairiot solo is a revolutionary car that provides wheelchair users with an unprecedented level of personal mobility without depending on friends, family or public transportation. All for a price that starts at less than $20,0000.

The Chairiot solo is powered by twin electric hub motors built into the rear wheels. These energy-efficient motors allow the car to have a range of up to 50 miles on a full charge. They also provide peace of mind: In the unlikely event of a motor failure, the Chairiot can continue to be driven on just one motor.

A robust absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery package provides a total of 7 kw of power for the Chairiot. It can be charged from any standard 110 volt US outlet (minimum 15 amp circuit) in approximately six hours.

The Chairiot solo meets all of the US Department of Transportation regulations for a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Deliveries begin in Spring 2014!  Check back for how to reserve one.